Violetglass: The sustainable packaging of The Polar Company

Violetglass: The sustainable packaging of The Polar Company

 At The Polar Company we find it incredibly important to deliver quality. That is why we work together with a pharmaceutical company who develops the miracle cure for us that you put under your armpits. To protect the quality of our product, is a fitting packaging needed as well. Therefore, we make use of Violetglass, from the Swiss company MIRON Glass. 

What is Violetglass?

Violetglass is a special glass packaging for various natural products. The ancient Egyptian civilization, around 3300 BC, already stored valuable essences and medicinal products in this special type of glass. The unique qualities protect products from the harmful effects of light, extend their shelf life, and protect and revitalise their potential. 


How does it work?

Sunlight is one of the most important sources on Earth. Without sunlight a form of life would not be possible. But sunlight can also have a harmful effect and contribute to molecular decay.  The unique characteristics of Violetglass filter out the harmful rays of the visible light spectrum and allow parts of the UVA and infrared light waves in, this way the product’s shelf life extends.




In short, Violetglass makes sure that the quality of the product is maintained, without the use of artificial preservatives.


Sustainable packaging 

In addition to the fact that Violetglass guarantees the quality of our product, the packaging is also really sustainable.

  • Violetglass is recyclable

  • Extending the shelf life of the products also causes the use of resources and waste to be reduced.

  • Violetglass is a natural product with protective characteristics.

  • There are less additives needed to extend the shelf life.

  • Violetglass is perfect for re-use at home to store a wide range of products.


In this way we do not only keep our armpits clean and fresh, but also our planet. And of course we all want that!

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