The difference between deodorant and The Polar Company

The difference between deodorant and The Polar Company

Everyone loves fresh armpits. So it’s good that there are more than enough products on the market that help keep our armpits clean and fresh. But what do you use? A normal deodorant or The Polar Company? What is exactly the difference between a deodorant and The Polar Company and how do you know which one of the two fit the best for you? We help!


Deodorant is a well-known and commonly used term. But this term is often used incorrectly. What exactly is a deodorant? A deodorant is a product that counteracts the bacteria under the armpit, without stopping the sweating itself. This way the sweat that is released will not start to smell. In addition, the deodorant itself often has a nice smell, which masks any potential sweat odour.  

The Polar Company

While you just keep sweating with a deodorant, ensures The Polar Company that the sweating stops completely. The unique ingredients of The Polar Company ensure that the sweat glands are temporarily closed. As a result, no sweat will be released and bacteria do not get the chance to multiply. Because no sweat is released, there are no unpleasant odours. 

The difference

The difference between deodorant and The Polar Company is that one allows sweat and the other does not. Both ensure that no unpleasant odours arise, but the way this happens differs. 


An additional advantage that comes with The Polar Company is that the armpits remain fully dry. This way, stains in clothing are a thing of the past. Deodorant is less focused on this. When deodorant mixes with sweat and soaks into your clothes, annoying yellow spots stains can occur that are really hard to remove. 

We believe that prevention is better than curing! With the use of The Polar Company, you are always one step ahead of sweat. That way you can go through your day carefree. 

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