Sweating during the summer days

Sweating during the summer days

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining, and your thermometer is hitting 25 degrees. It is finally summer! Then, you have a sweaty forehead, wet armpits and clammy hands. But what can you do during these warm summer days against sweat? We have listed 5 tips for you in this blog.

Drink enough water

On hot days you lose more moisture and waste products. It is therefore important that you drink enough water to prevent dehydration. A strong smell of sweat occurs when your body perspires waste products. Soda contains a lot of sugar and your body cannot always process this. The substances from soda leave your body then with a strong smell. Water does not have these substances.


Do not wash with a lot of soap

Wash yourself in the summer once or twice a day. Try to not use too much soap doing so. Also, it helps to use a degreasing soap or soap without perfume. Your sebum and sweat glands can become blocked, so that sebum and sweat can no longer get out and you can get an infection (hidradenitis).


Shave or trim your armpit hair in the summer

By shaving your armpit hair, you will sweat less. Your armpit hairs namely hold moisture and bacteria. Too much armpit hair makes sure that it stays warm underneath your armpits. This is why bacteria can create nasty smells. In addition to trimming, wash your armpits as well to reduce sweat.


Wear loose clothing

Clothing is an important factor for sweating. Dark clothing that is too tight causes you to sweat sooner. Therefore, choose light, loose-fitting clothing. You can also choose clothing that breathes. Think of clothing made of linen, cotton, and silk. Your body stays fresh and cool in this clothing and this makes sure that you smell unpleasant less quickly.


Use Polar instead of deodorant

Deodorant does not reduce the sweating but mostly masks the smell of sweat that bacteria in your sweat create. Sweat stains stay and mix with only deodorant and as a result, you get stains in your clothing. By applying a dose of Polar weekly, you reduce the sweating.


Stay cool!

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