Put an end to sweat odours

Put an end to sweat odours

A sweat odour is often associated with bad hygiene, but did you know that this is not the case most of the time? The odour that is released when you perspire, is mainly due to the bacteria that are located on your skin. This differs per person. Does your sweat have a strong odour? Though luck, but no worries! With these tips you can quickly put an end to that unpleasant sweat odour.

How does sweat odour occur

Every person has 2 to 4 million sweat glands distributed all over your body. Sweating is a natural way of your body to regulate the temperature. When sweat evaporates, it takes the heat from your body, cooling you down. Sweat is basically odourless. The smell is actually caused by bacteria that break down the sweat into aromatic fatty acids. These cause that unpleasant odour.


Preventing sweat odour

All well and nice, but more importantly, how do you get rid of it? With these tips you can put an end to sweat odour for good.

Keep yourself and your clothing clean

Shower frequently and change if needed your clothing more than you normally would. 

Shave your armpits regularly

Bacteria can easily stick around in your armpit hairs. Therefore, make sure that you shave your armpits regularly with a razor. This way, you prevent the sweat odour from spreading.

Be mindful of the clothes you wear

Synthetic fabrics actually ensure that the bacteria will come to your armpits. If you want to prevent a sweat odour, it is best to choose clothing made of cotton

Drink enough water

If you drink enough water, your body can excrete the waste much better. This ensures that the waste does not leave your body through your armpit as well.

Think about nutrition

Nutrition also plays a huge part when it comes to sweating. Eat as little spiced meat and red peppers as possible. This food makes your heart beat faster, and to cool your body, your body sweats more automatically.

Use our roller or spray

A lot of people use deodorant to prevent sweaty armpits. Deodorant does prevent the bad sweat odour under your armpits, but does not solve the real issue. Our formula, on the other hand, ensures that your sweat glands are temporarily closed, so you do not sweat at all! :) 

Sweat odour in clothing

Do you have clothes that still smell like sweat after a few washes and would you like to get rid of this? Then read our blog about stains and sweat odours in clothing.

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