Get rid of odours and stains in clothing

Get rid of odours and stains in clothing

Sweat odours can be quite persistent. Sometimes they remain even after a thorough washing. The same is the case for those annoying yellow stains in your favourite t-shirt. With these tips you get rid of odours and stains in clothing for good.


Bad odours are caused by lactic acid bacteria that are released when you perspire. When dirty clothing is left in the laundry basket for a long time, the bacteria have plenty of time to do their work. To prevent this, it is important to wash your clothes as fast as possible. Have your clothes been laying around for too long? These remedies can help you!


Soak the garment in club soda for at least an hour before washing. White clothing can be soaked easily a whole night, but be careful with coloured clothing. Club soda can namely affect the colour of the clothing. Also pay attention to the material of the garment. Wool and silk should not be treated with soda.


Vinegar can also help to get rid of sweat odours from clothing. Soak the garment in a bucket filled with vinegar before you wash it. For the best results, soak it for an entire night. It is also important that the clothing is drenched with vinegar.


Mix one third Dettol with two thirds water. You can soak clothing in this for one to three hours before they go into the washing machine. Besides the unpleasant odours, Dettol also tackles the yellow stains immediately. Two birds with one stone!


Yellow stains

Yellow stains occur when sweat mixes with deodorant and soaks into your clothes. You can prevent these stains by letting your deodorant dry fully before putting on your clothes. Do you still see a yellow haze developing? Try to treat these as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the stain.

A couple of tips:

  • Rub the stains with lemon juice before putting them in the washing machine.

  • Make a paste of one part baking soda, one part hydrogen peroxide, and one part water and scrub it well with a toothbrush on the stain. Leave it for half an hour and wash the garment in the washing machine. If the stain is not fully gone, you can repeat the process.

  • Use green soap or ox bile soap. Spread the soap on the yellow stains and let it soak for a couple of hours. After this you can put the shirt in the machine and wash as usual.


Preventing odours and stains

With the help of these tips you can easily deal with the odours and stains in the clothing. But wouldn’t it be nice to just prevent these nasty odours and yellow stains. With our products you never have to worry about creating odours and stains and that saves, if you ask us, a lot of hassle!

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