Say goodbye to sweat stains

Get 100% dry armpits for up to 7 days with Polarwise.
No sweat, stains, or odors - we got you!
Stop sweating or get your money back
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Sweat and funny odors? Not on our watch!

Our 4 step solution

Our 4 step solution

It's time to feel confident again and wear all the colors you want. Sweat won't get in your way!

Apply at



Enjoy sweat-free



Let it



Repeat and

feel awesome

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  • Starter Kit Strong
  • Starter Kit Strong
  • Starter Kit Strong
  • Starter Kit Strong
  • Starter Kit Strong
  • Starter Kit Strong
  • Starter Kit Strong

Starter Kit Strong

No Time To Sweat

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Er du træt af den evige kamp mod sved, men ved du ikke, hvor du skal begynde?

Starter Kit Strong giver dig mulighed for at prøve både Strong Mist Roller og Strong Roller, så du kan finde ud af, hvilken der fungerer bedst for dig. En ting kan du være sikker på: begge holder dig 100% svedfri i op til 7 dage.

Du kan begynde at bruge alle dine farverige outfits igen, og du vil ikke længere gå glip af vigtige aftaler eller sociale arrangementer, fordi du er bange for svedpletter.

  • 100% svedfri i op til 7 dage
  • Sveder du stadig? Pengene tilbage!
  • Specielt til overdreven svedtendens
  • Indeholder 2 x Starter Roller til 2-3 måneders brug
  • Nu kombineret med vores præstationsfremmende Konjac-svampe

Brug svampen, før du påfører vores produkt for at få de bedste resultater!

Ingredients: Strong -  alcohol, aluminium chloride hexahydrate, denatonium benzoate, citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil, MEK. 

Strong mist - Alcohol Denat., Aluminum Chloride, Aqua/Water/Eau, Parfum (Fragrance) (2x 3ml)


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Kimberly Kock

Wat een opluchting!

Beste Kimberly,

Wat fijn om te horen zeg!

Met frisse groet,

Team Polarwise

Claudia Wortmann
It works!!!

I was initially sceptical that this product would be able to do what no deodorant has ever done for me but am so happy to say that it works! I have been able to rely on it for up to three days with significantly reduced sweat and no odour, could not recommend more!

Dear Claudia,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Polarwise! We're thrilled to hear that it has exceeded your expectations and provided you with effective and long-lasting protection against sweat and odor. Your recommendation means a lot to us.

Best wishes,

Team Polarwise

Kelen Warhurst
A little too strong for sensitive skin

After using this my skin was itching quite intensely and has caused patches of rough, dry skin so I don’t think I can use it. However, I think my partner was ok using it

Dear Kelen,

We apologize that the product did not meet your expectations. We will reach out to you to provide some tips that may enhance your overall experience. On a positive note, we're pleased to hear that your partner is enjoying the benefits of our Polarwise.

Best wishes,

Team Polarwise

Zeinab Kamari

Starter Kit Strong

Hi Zeinab,

Thank you so much for your 5-star review!

Best wishes,

Team Polarwise

Georgi Spasov
Absolute game changer!

I couldn’t recommend this product enough. I bought the Strong starter kit and the results are simply mind blowing! Best purchase!

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic review! We appreciate your support and are thrilled to hear that it works wonders for you.

Best wishes,

Team Polarwise

Stop sweating or get your money back
  • Clinically


  • Money-back


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Frequently Asked Questions,

Amazingly Fresh Answers

What a perfect match! You've got questions, we've got answers.

Is it safe to use Polarwise?

Safe, dermatologically tested and effective. The full package!

Can I shower the morning after?

Absolutely! Shower sing while you're at it.

Can I use deo after?

Sure, just be sure we’re the better half!

  • I ordered the Extra Strong but received the Strong. How is this possible?
  • I want to change my address; how do I do this?
  • What is the delivery time for an order?
  • Do I have to be home for my order?
  • How long will it take to receive my order?



Polarwise effectively rocks at reducing sweat and discomfort, and neutralizes odor like a pro (which we are).

Based on an independent study conducted on 20 individuals over 25 days.

Let our reviews do all the talking